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Triple Duty Valve

Australian Valve is the topmost Triple Duty Valve Manufacturer & Supplier in Australia. Triple duty valve is a type of control valve that combines three different functions in one valve body. These functions include balancing, check valve and shut-off capabilities.
The balancing function refers to the ability of the valve to regulate the flow of fluid in response to changes in system pressure or flow, in order to achieve balanced flow distribution across the system.
The check valve function of the triple duty valve ensures that fluid flows in one direction only, preventing reverse flow, and protecting the system from damage or contamination.
Finally, the shut-off function of the valve enables complete shut-off of the fluid flow when necessary for maintenance, repair or emergency situations.


  • Globe-style Triple Duty Valve
  • Wafer-style Triple Duty Valve
  • Ball-style Triple Duty Valve
  • Swing-style Triple Duty Valve
  • Dual-disc-style Triple Duty Valve


  • Space-saving: Triple duty valves combine three different functions in a single valve body, which reduces the space required for installation and makes it easier to fit into compact spaces.
  • Simplified installation: Using a single triple duty valve simplifies the installation process, reducing the number of connections, fittings, and accessories needed for the system.
  • Lower cost: Using a single triple duty valve can be less expensive than purchasing three separate valves for each function. This can result in cost savings for both the purchase and installation of the valve.
  • Improved system performance: Triple duty valves are designed to work together to optimize system performance and provide efficient flow control, reverse flow prevention, and shut-off capabilities. This can lead to improved system efficiency and reliability.
  • Easier maintenance: By using a single valve for three functions, maintenance becomes easier and less time-consuming, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


  • Water Treatment industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Power Generation industry
  • Oil and Gas industry


  • Available materials: Cast iron, SS304, SS316, CF8, CF8M, Ductile iron
  • Size: 2” to 20”
  • Class: 125 to 300
  • Nominal Pressure: PN6 to PN25
  • Ends: Flanged